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Search Engine Marketing Melbourne

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational conglomerate looking to increase your online presence, Melbourne Media Consulting can help. With a budget that suits you, we strive in gaining an impressive number of leads and sales for your business. Our core focus and attention is all on you and helping you to achieve the incredible results that you deserve.


PPC, or Pay Per Click as it is known, is exactly what the name implies: you only pay for when a visitor clicks through to your website; not every time someone sees your ad. The risks are low, but when done correctly, the payoff can be exceptionally high. You can generate a substantial amount of online traffic from users who search for the same keywords that you’re targeting, leading to more visits to your site and higher sales and conversions.



It’s the fastest method to get
targeted visitors

When you manage an online business you need traffic, not any type of traffic but targeted traffic that can potentially lead to more sales and business. We frequently recommend PPC for new websites. SEO has long-term benefits and is a great investment in your site’s future value, but the big bottom-line results take months or years. PPC gets immediate traffic and can help generate significant sales within weeks.

It’s the easiest way to test if your
product sells

You have a nice looking website and products ready to ship but don’t know if your products sell or if your website converts, what is the fastest way to find out the truth? Run a campaign on Google Ads and get 1000 targeted visits and measure the results.


Pay Per Click Helps You Find Problems With Your Offering, Promos, or Website

As soon as you have traffic, you can see what your site does and doesn’t do well. At what rate is it converting sales or leads? If highly targeted traffic converts poorly, you need conversion optimization or a usability reassessment. Sometimes an uncaught programming error or design oversight obstructs critical site functionality.

You can reach your target consumer at the right time with the right message

Want to target a person in a specific place at a specific time of day with a specific ad? No problem. With PPC’s location targeting and delivery options along with device-specific preferences (like mobile), you can deliver very specific messages to your target consumer at prime time when they are close by.



Leading Experience

Our gurus have years of experience working on a range of clients, from SMEs to some of the largest and most highly respected businesses in both Australia and abroad.


Return On Investment

By using only the best of the best when it comes to bid management and keyword research tools, we work with you to achieve the highest Return on Investment possible.


Regular Reporting

We’ll keep you in the loop with your campaign’s progress and apply useful changes along the way, where applicable – we’re completely transparent.


Google Ads Experts

Team of certified Google Ads Experts to deliver the best possible results.


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