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Social Media Marketing Agency Melbourne

Innovative & engaging social strategies

Expand Your Business With Social Media Marketing In Melbourne

With the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, grow an online community and enhance your brand’s reputation, social media has become an incredibly effective digital marketing tool.


Remarkably, there are over two billion active social media users worldwide, including more than half of our population in Australia. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube were once created to merely share information and connect with others. Now, they provide businesses with a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your website, with higher conversion rates, resulting in an improved bottom line.

Not only will you be able to promote your products and services in a range of innovative and engaging ways, but recent statistics suggest that you’ll be able to get high-quality and high-quantity leads with a low cost per click (CPC).

By partnering with Melbourne Media Consulting, we become your dedicated creative team of social media strategists, market researchers, graphic designers and copywriters. This means that we do all the heavy lifting for you and you get to reap the rewards!

Stand shoulders above your competitors

If for no other reason, undertaking social media advertising will give you a huge advantage over your competitors who have not even considered it. You’ll be at the forefront of your industry utilising the latest digital tools and techniques.

Here are some of the things we can achieve through social media.

  • Remarket to a segment of your Facebook audience that has engaged with your posts in a particular way. For example, target people who watched more than 50% of a video or clicked through a catalogue.
  • Highlight your services, products, sales or events on Facebook Canvas Ads that act as mini websites that live within the platform itself and get far better conversion rates.
  • Promote your products on the new Instagram Shoppable, where we can tag particular products in your posts and link people directly to that webpage.

We take pride in the fact that we are constantly on top of any new trends, tools or industry updates that will allow us to get better results for your social media campaign.


Get people raving about your business

Above all, social media is your opportunity to develop an audience that will act as advocates for your business. We engage with your existing clients and future prospects to find gleaming reviews and positive reinforcement about your company.

With an abundance of testimonials and positive reviews on your social profiles, your credibility and reputation will stand out amongst the pack. This will encourage prospective clients to choose you ahead of your competitors and help you become leaders of your industry.


What’s involved?

Your dedicated creative team can help you setup, customise and maintain your social accounts by delivering the following:

  • Design & customisation of social media pages, ensuring consistent branding, calls to action and highlighting key points of difference
  • Set-up & design of customised tabs within Facebook (adding links to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube content)
  • Identification of key leverage groups & hashtags based on your industry
  • Analysis of competitors, relevant events, communities/groups, social pages, ambassadors and more
  • Creation of social calendar, based on the supplied information about your brand
  • Monitoring communications in/out of all platforms
  • Custom, branded, graphic design for all visual content where applicable
  • Monthly catch-ups to discuss reporting & measurement of campaign


If you want to grow your online community, build awareness of your brand and promote your services and products in a whole new way, then get in touch with our Digital Strategists today!

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